Diva Destination: 24 hours in LA

Written By: Kristen & Taylor

#divadiaries destination: Los Angeles

This last semester, one of our best friends, David (also known as BigBootyDave), left us to study abroad in Vienna, Austria. We got to keep in touch through video chats, iMessages, and e-mails, but we missed having him around to boots and sass. Nobody can make us laugh like Dave does.

As his arrival date back to the U.S. approached, we became anxious to see him and schemed a way to surprise him at LAX when he landed. We arranged with his mom and sister to meet at the airport. We started our journey to Los Angeles the day before Dave arrived so that we could spend some time exploring this city made for divas.

We ended up spending exactly 24-hours in LA! We documented our favorite moments from the trip below.

6:22 pm: Departure from Young Hall parking lot, PLNU, San Diego.

8:35 pm: Arrive at Lauren Raney’s adorable home, and our crash-pad for the night.

9:37 pm: The stars aligned, God smiled, and we scored a premo parking spot at the top lot of Griffith Observatory.

11:01 pm: Got in the lengthy line for the highly desired and affordable treat of Diddy Riese ice cream cookie sandwiches.

11:28 pm: Witnessed a struggling flash mob in the intersection of Westwood.

12:00 am: Enjoyment of cookies. Candy cookie + chocolate chip cookie + choc chip cookie dough ice cream = Taylor. Candy cookie + snickerdoodle + cookies & cream ice cream = Lauren. Candy cookie + snickerdoodle + mint chip ice cream = Kristen.

12:12 am: Ignored Dave’s FaceTime call in an effort not to reveal our location to him.

12:53 am: Bedtime in the marshmallow bed.

7:30 am: Taylor’s morning alarm blared while Kristen was already up and at it.

9:46 am: Pulled into Reality LA for Sunday morning church.

10:20 am: Talked sports at church.

11:08 am: Considered reenacting a number from Glee on the steps of Helen Bernstein High School, the campus of  Reality and film spot for the TV show.

12:35 pm: Finished off our delicious pancakes, omelette, breakfast burrito, and to-die-for bread pudding at The Alcove.

1:01 pm: Learned that carrots cure cancer? (carrotssaveboobs.com).

2:15 pm: At the bottom of the hiking trail.

2:55 pm: Sang Drake’s lyrics “Started from the bottom, now we here” as we made it to the top of the Hollywood sign!

5:36 pm: Began uncertain, long, stressful, and fast-paced walk to the airport.

5:59 pm: SAW DAVE.

7:21 pm: Returned back to Ashley (Kristen’s car) to head to dinner with Dave, mom, and sister.

8:12 pm: Kristen snagged someone’s cheesecake leftovers.

8:26 pm: Ordered a Mac n Cheese Burger.

9:15 pm: Said so long to David. It was so special to reunite after 5 long months.

10:32 pm: McDonald’s potty break and soda stop on the drive home.

11:38 pm: Back at Loma.
 Wow this is such a coincidence but there’s 24 items on that list. like 24 hours. CRAZY.
Although short, this trip was filled with so many laughs and memories. Us divas can’t wait for our next travel adventure!

A Spoonful of Sugar Helps the Cookies Taste Better

Written by: Kristen / Pictures by: Taylor

Last Friday, Taylor and I packed our weekend bags and headed up north to the Raney Residence (aka Mocha Bed & Breakfast). Something you should know about Taylor and I is that we both L.O.V.E. dessert. For example, last Thursday night, at 9:45 p.m., we drove over to Chick-fil-a at a desperately fast speed to get cookie sundaes. Running, we barely made it past the worker wiping down the front doors before the restaurant closed at 10:00 p.m. Embarrassing, yes. But, so worth it in order to get our cookie fix.

So, back to our diva weekend at the Raney Residence. Out of all the things we were looking forward to doing, we were most looking forward to baking. We took to Pinterest for some edible inspirations, and that’s when we came upon a recipe for chocolate chip salted caramel cookie bars that we could not pass out on. Imagine a layer of salted gooey caramel sandwiched between two layers of amazing chocolate chip cookie dough. The recipe is simple and oh so delicious. We served it up right out of the oven with a scoop of vanilla ice cream.


In addition to these heavenly cookie bars, we also baked my mom’s famous Super Cookies. It’s a recipe my mom has used since as long as I can remember. I’ve always loved baking, and I hope to post more of my favorite recipes soon!